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The following six questions are to help us to meet your needs. Before answering, check that your wishes are in fact compatible with the features of the programme as outlined in the description you have chosen. For example, if you wish to take a “work + study” programme make sure that, amongst other things, the length of stay you wish to take is at least as long as the minimum given for the programme you have selected. If you only want to stay for two weeks and the programme is for a minimum of eight then obviously these are not compatible. It is pointless for us to send you the brochure of a school that will not be able to accept you, or that does not fulfill your requirements.

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When you send us this request for a brochure, we will send to you that brochure through the post, or we may email you the website address of the school or organisation offering the course in which you are interested. By sending us this request, you are not obliged to make a booking once you have received it.

But if you do decide to book a course at the school or schools illustrated in the brochure or on the website, you hereby undertake ( = promise) not to use any other intermediary or agency than Independent English Ltd to make any such booking.

If you choose to pay the school's fees through Independent English, we will charge you exactly the same fees as those published by the school itself, plus coverage of bank charges (GBP 14 if fees are in GBP, or GBP 19 if fees are in other currencies), plus our own booking assistance fee of GBP 28 (or € 42), or GBP 44 (or € 66) in the case of more complex bookings, (with a supplement of GBP 6/ € 9 for bookings outside Europe).

You can also use our assistance, and pay the school's fees directly to the school.

As an alternative, you also have the option of paying only the school's fees and of not needing to pay Independent English, if you book with the school directly and handle the enrolment procedure yourself; but if you do decide to enrol directly, you hereby undertake (= promise) to inform Independent English that you are doing this. Informing us that you are making a direct booking will not involve you in any extra cost, and you will enjoy the benefit that Independent English will consider you as one of our clients and will make our services available for any possible problem that may arise after you have started your course .

I have read and accept the conditions stipulated above.

If possible, I prefer to receive the school's brochure and your instructions on the booking procedure:
By post
By e-mail/www
It is understood that in this case, should I decide to enrol, I shall be prepared to pay by credit card)N.B. Several schools do not yet have information available in electronic format, in which case you will receive the brochure by first class post at home and not electronically. Please, therefore, make sure that you have written your address correctly with exact postal/zip code, and specifying whether you live in a "street", "road", "square" etc.

N.B. Molte scuole non hanno disponibili ancora informazioni in forma elettronica, in questi casi riceverete comunque il depliant a casa per posta prioritaria ma non elettronica. Pertanto assicuratevi di aver scritto bene l'indirizzo postale, col CAP preciso, e specificando se vivete in una "Via", "Piazza" o altro.
Are you sure that you have made the right choice? We shall be happy to send you, at our expense and by first class mail, the brochure of the school whose course you have chosen, but we will not send brochures repeatedly. .

We shall in fact send you one brochure, the brochure of the school that offers the course that you have selected here.

If we receive more than one request for different schools from the same enquirer, we shall usually send only the last brochure requested

If you do want a second brochure, we will gladly send you the brochure of another school free of charge, but we would ask you to inform us why the first one has not met your expectations, so that we can be sure of proposing the correct school the second time

Having 1000 courses offered by over 50 schools means it is not feasible to print our own catalogue (it would be as thick as a telephone directory). This is why we use the printed material produced by the schools we represent – about 50 different brochures. Our information distribution system, therefore, aims to assist you to target your needs with the help of the information on our sites, so that when you receive your brochure, it contains the course most suited to your exact requirements .
If what you would like is a broad and general over-view of what we can offer, we suggest you explore our web-sites: have another search of our online database or look at our general information site www.English-Courses.com

Your personal details will be treated in accordance with the relevant laws.